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I was born the son of a shear cropper...........Now that I have your attention, I was actually 1 of 9 born to some dude who worked for "The Phone Company who's wife (my mom), had her hands full. By the way, the dude who worked for the phone company is my dad. I left home at the age of 35 and that made mom and dad REAL happy. After years of wandering aimlessly through life and 4 marriages, I decided to plop down in Ft Worth and am very pleased that I haven't been run out of town. My girlfriend Linda and her daughter keep life interesting and insure that there's never a dull moment at the house. I have 2 other daughters, Mandy & Christy.

I want to invite ya'll to join Ron Moore and myself every morning 6-10 on 92.1 Hank FM
Gimme a holler sometime!

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