A Special Thank You To Correctional Officers

92.1 Hank FM’s Hats Off To Heroes would like to focus this week on not just one local hero, but ALL Correctional Officers everywhere…

“It is correctional officer appreciation week. While everyone is thanking front line workers there is one group who gets left off everyone’s list and that is correctional officers nationwide. These men and women go in every day to ensure the safety of our communities and the safety of those we are protecting the community from. Even though there are jails and prisons that have remained COVID-19 free, they still have transportation units that go into the “war zone” with multiple cases to transfer those that are incarcerated to different locations daily. Please keep these officers in your hearts and prayers while we take our hats off to ALL heroes.”


Know A Hero? Nominate Them Below

In these difficult times, there are many new heroes emerging all around us. 92.1 Hank FM would like to personally thank these special people who are doing their best to make a difference in our communities. Please fill out the form below and include why you’d like to nominate someone for our new Hats Off To Heroes segments. We’re looking for single moms, someone going the extra mile to help deliver food to the elderly, first responders, local farmers, grocery workers and pretty much anyone who is deserving of a big on-air thank you.



Hat's Off To Heroes